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 About Vernon Montessori Society  

The Vernon Montessori Society is supporting Montessori in the North Okanagan

The Vernon Montessori Society is a CRA registered charitable organization that exists to support and promote Montessori programs within our district through fundraising, supplying specific Montessori materials, and education.

More information about the Montessori Society is available at Silver Star Elementary, as well as the School District #22 Board Office.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Vernon Montessori Society meetings and find more about how we can help make this program a success. Childcare is complimentary.  Contact us at to find out more about the next meeting.    

Province of British Columbia

Form 1

Society Act



  1. The Name of the Society is The Vernon Montessori Society

  2. The purposes of the Society are as follows:

    a) To establish, promote, develop, maintain, manage, and operate Montessori education in the North Okanagan of the Province of British Columbia.

    b) To raise funds solely to carry out the purposes of the Society and in particular to enhance facilities, supply materials, hire employees, and to lease, purchase, or otherwise acquire and operate facilities.

    c) To solicit the cooperation of and financial assistance of other charitable organizations and community groups concerned with the development of Montessori education in the Province of British Columbia.

  3. The Society shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members and no part of any income of the Society shall be payable or otherwise available for the personal benefit of the members thereof, and any profit or other accretions of the Society shall be used for promoting its purpose.

  4. Upon wind-up or dissolution of the Society, the assets remaining after payment of all costs, charges and expenses properly incurred in the wind-up, including the remuneration of a liquidator and after payment to employees of the Society of any arrears, salary, or wages, and after payment of any other debts of the Society, shall be transferred to a charitable organization or organizations in British Columbia concerned with the development of Montessori education in the Province of British Columbia.

  5. Articles 3 and 4 above and this article 5 are unalterable.

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